Abrazar, tetralogía de arte interdisciplinario 2014.

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Robert Hobl

Sandleiten, Viena.


















​Robert lives in Sandleitenhof. He works in mobile telecommunications technologies and for many reasons he known connection between the people of the world, and between the sciences and the arts. Contribute to Conocer, Saber y Aprender.


"I am Austrian, born in Vienna, grown up in the place called "Sandleitenhof" and living there since then: 1967. I have one brother and four sisters. The in-laws in my family extend a bit the local flavour 

of Sandleitenhof, the city of Vienna and the country of Austria: my brothers and sisters are coming from Romania, Canada/Vietnam, Syria and Germany (my wife) and two more from Austria.


Once upon a time - ages ago in a past millennium - I studied "Engineering in Science" (Physic) from elementary particles up to the scale of cosmological aspects of the laws of nature. I forgot everything about it in the meanwhile. Only basic mathematics I am still capable to do, which in fact currently I am doing, as I am tutoring young refugees from Afghanistan in mathematics. However I left the field of physics: space, matter and time and entered the field of information and communication.

After study-times, when I jumped into the cold water of work-life, I ended up in the industry branch of mobile telecommunications technologies - connecting people (the old slogan of the Finnish-based company Nokia) - since the year 1997, trying to shape a mobile information society.

My personal areas of interest are literature, music and politics. I do like literature and music that much, that I am not only reading and listening but I am also writing short stories and making music myself.


Looking forward to get connected to the folks from Peru :-)".

Robert's "WOK-Durcheinander"

Vietnamese food prepared by Thi (Robert's brother in law), and brazilian dessert

Ursula' Muffins (Robert's wife)

Abrazar fue una tetralogía realizada en estrecha colaboración con Hansel Sato, integrada por Conocer, Saber, Comprender, Aprender, un proyecto que puso en contacto a personas del multiétnico complejo residencial Sandleitenhof de la ciudad de Viena con personas de diversos distritos de la multicultural ciudad de Lima. Iniciado a distancia en diciembre de 2013, culminó en Viena entre el 17 y el 31 de mayo. Integró arte-correo, intervenciones en espacio público, instalación, encuentros de intercambio y performance.


Abrazar fue parte del XIII Festival SOHO in Ottakring, realizado durante mayo de 2014 en el barrio de Sandleiten, distrito 16 de la ciudad de Viena, Austria, bajo curaduría de Ula Schneider y Hansel Sato.

Emilio Santisteban, artista interdisciplinario de performance. Perú. m.me/emiliosantistebanartista emilio@emiliosantisteban.org Contacto.

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