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Abrazar, tetralogía de arte interdisciplinario 2014.

Esra Özmen

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Esra Özmen 

Sandleiten, Viena.


















​Rapper with his brother Enes in the duo Esrap, studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Contribute to Saber | Comprender Interacting with Emilio Santisteban.


"My brother and I make music. We designate Esrap. We've done a role reversal in Vienna, because I rap and he sings, which is usually not as common in the hip hop scene. We present our texts in German / Turkish-speaking, do not mince his mouth to our opinion about the austrian policy to make known. I study at the Academy of Fine Arts and Enes goes to high school. We were born here, grew up here, Austrian citizen, but an foreign in his own country. A Turkish proverb says: "Music is the food of the soul" and therefore we combine for 5 years lyrics and beats on socio-political messages. The focus is on our thoughts and feelings on topics such as women's rights, the everyday lives of migrants / interior and with the theme "Language". Our texts connect the German and Turkish language and they show that a soulful woman can be very strong. " Rap is for everyone ! For all crops, especially for all genders . Since Hip Hop is generally a male-dominated art form and we are convinced that women write just as good lyrics and they can flow on point over beats like men, we give also workshop exclusively for women.Hip Hop lyrics are often racist and sexist. During the workshop prejudices should not only be questioned. It is also with his own texts held against it! " Rap is a shocking music for those who do not want to open his eyes. " And with the motto we go to the well , because we want to get things moving and not alone but together".

Esrap Esra Özmen

Abrazar fue una tetralogía realizada en estrecha colaboración con Hansel Sato, integrada por Conocer, Saber, Comprender, Aprender, un proyecto que puso en contacto a personas del multiétnico complejo residencial Sandleitenhof de la ciudad de Viena con personas de diversos distritos de la multicultural ciudad de Lima. Iniciado a distancia en diciembre de 2013, culminó en Viena entre el 17 y el 31 de mayo. Integró arte-correo, intervenciones en espacio público, instalación, encuentros de intercambio y performance.


Abrazar fue parte del XIII Festival SOHO in Ottakring, realizado durante mayo de 2014 en el barrio de Sandleiten, distrito 16 de la ciudad de Viena, Austria, bajo curaduría de Ula Schneider y Hansel Sato.

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