Abrazar, tetralogía de arte interdisciplinario 2014.

Sonja Kothe

Greta Gregor 

Sandleiten, Viena.



































Greta Gregor, artist and participant at SOHO in Ottakring 2012, loves to work in her atelier in Sandleiten. Contribute to Comprender Interacting with Emilio Santisteban. Photo: Greta Gregor working at the project Stadtkoje'.


«As people here in the Sandleitenhof don't communicate very much with each other in the courtyards, you even rarely meet people in the courts here. Maybe it would be nice to add to your 'Hug-message' a simple first Conversation Message, which is also nonverbal. To encourage people to give a smile or just a hello to each other, like it's the behaviour in more rural areas or villages. For example: Do you want to get a smile from someone nice?" "Maybe a smile from you today, would someone else make happy and smiling, too? Just have a try".»

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Evening-view to the sky in Sandleiten.

Project 'LuxuryBlue' at ArtFestival Sohoin Ottakring 2012, Wien.

Project 'Stadtkoje' at ArtFestival Tatort Hernals 2011, Wien.

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