Abrazar, tetralogía de arte interdisciplinario 2014.

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"I studied anthropology, now working in the municipality of the city, in an area that is responsible for resolving social conflicts in formulating and delivering road infrastructure . Usually in areas neglected by the city authorities. So for work I'm learning little by little a vast and diverse city , because this work I have been really surprised when I realized that one seems to move in the same places over and over again , when the cities in which we live currently appear to be endless , filled with new people and places . Through these letters I would like to share a little of this experience throughout my city and why not encourage you to show me how diverse should be yours.."

Emilio Santisteban, artista interdisciplinario de performance. Perú. m.me/emiliosantistebanartista emilio@emiliosantisteban.org Contacto.

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