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Embrace, Tetralogy (Learn, Know, Understand, Know), Vienna 2014.

Emilio Santisteban

Interdisciplinary performance artist

 Greta Gregor
Luisfernan Vargas
Carolina Estrada
Abrazar Kenyi Quispe
Abrazar Fiorella Garrido-Lecca
Karla Peralta
Stefania Polo
Abrazar Robert Hobl
Abrazar Helga Elsner
Manuela Talledo
Abrazar Julio Martín Pinto
Abrazar Esra Özmen
Ysavo Morales

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I am interested in "Learning", because you will teach performance and I need that :) (...) I am also interested in "Understanding", because I was born here, I live here, but I am a foreigner in my country (...). Nobody here wants to get moving and take the first step, everyone is afraid of cold water (...). We young people remain on the ice floe of our parents, we speak two languages and yet we are also in Vienna Ice Floes (...). This is often stressful and often leads to misunderstandings, tension, anxiety, aggressiveness, and anger (...). So ..:) I'm happy to be in contact with Lima :) ".

Esra Özmen, rapper.
Sandleitenhof, Vienna, February 22, 2014.

The SOHO in Ottakring Festival in its 13th edition is held in the Sandleiten neighborhood in the 16th district of the city of Vienna (Austria) in May 2014. For this event, Emilio Santisteban began in February "Embracing", a tetralogy of relational art which puts creative participants from the multiethnic Sandleitenhof in contact with creative participants from various districts of the multicultural city of Lima.

The project concludes in Vienna, carrying out between May 17 and 31 intervention works in public space, collectively produced book, correspondence exhibition, trade exchange workshops, urban intervention and performance in public space.

In the link to  this post  Details about the festival, the context of the intervention and the four works that make up the tetralogy are exposed; and in the link to  this post  You will find the complete list of creative participants who have volunteered from Lima. Due to the very nature of the project, not all participations from Lima will be activated, since it is each person from the Sandleitenhof community who decides whether to participate and, if they participate, with which people from Lima they interact.

Pre-production: Final phase of curatorship and project programming, calls and inscriptions, December 2013 - February 2014. Production: Arte-Correo, Intervention in public space, installation, performance, February - May 2014. Curators: Hansel Sato, Ula Schneider .

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