Embrace, tetralogy of interdisciplinary art 2014.

Emilio Santisteban

Contemporary performance artist

Learn 3

Sonja kothe

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Video © Hansel Sato.

Learn 3. Belki sessizlik saygının tek yoludur? , performance.  5/31 2014. Sandleitenhof, Soho in Ottakring 2014, Vienna.


Screams: Belki sessizlik saygının tek yoludur? Možda je ćutanje jedini naćin za respekt? Vielleicht ist das Schweigen die einzige Möglichkeit, zu respektieren? (In Turkish, Croatian Serbian and German: "Is silence the only possible form of respect?").


Posters: 我 在家 受欢迎 吗? (Mandarin Chinese: "Am I welcome at home?").

Song: "Weisst du wieviele Kulturen, es in Sandleiten gibt? Weisst du wieviele Laender hier zu Hause sind? Moechtest du sie  kennenlernen? Moechtest du mehr ueber ihre Feiertage wissen? Hasst du schon einmal ueberlegt, dich mit den Leuten hier in unserem Graetzelkaffee zu treffen? "(German:" Do you know how many cultures exist in Sandleiten? Do you know how many countries are here at home? Ready to get to know them? Ready to find out more about her vacation? Have you ever thought about meeting people in our funny cafe? "). Voice: Siegrid Gugganig. Lyrics by Siegrid Gugganig from two questions by Sonja Kothe.

Aprender 3. SOHO in Ottakring, Wien. Emilio Santisteban. Arte de performance de Latinoamérica.

Poster used in Belki sessizlik saygının tek yoludur? Learn 3  and self-adhesive flyer distributed in  Weisst du wieviele Kulturen Learn 1

Embracing was a tetralogy carried out in close collaboration with Hansel Sato, made up of Knowing , Knowing , Understanding , Learning , a project that put people from the multi-ethnic Sandleitenhof residential complex in the city of Vienna in contact with people from various districts of the multicultural city of Vienna. Lime. Started remotely in December 2013, it culminated in Vienna between May 17 and 31. He integrated mail art, interventions in public space, installation, exchange meetings and performance.


Embracing was part of the XIII SOHO in Ottakring Festival, held during May 2014 in the Sandleiten neighborhood, 16th district of the city of Vienna, Austria, under the curatorship of Ula Schneider and Hansel Sato.

Emilio Santisteban , interdisciplinary performance artist. Peru. m.me/emiliosantistebanartista emilio@emiliosantisteban.org  Contact us .

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