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Embrace, tetralogy of interdisciplinary art 2014.

Ysavo Morales

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"I am a student of plastic arts at the National Superior Autonomous School of Fine Arts of Peru. In my artistic proposals I am interested in working on the social problems of my country. I have participated in various cultural events with plastic and musical intervention, trying to raise awareness among through these artistic expressions.

Musically, I am interested in drums because of the sound of this instrument, the complexity and importance that it has in a musical group. He has ventured me to play different rhythms with this instrument from punk to cumbia. "Sonidos de mi Tierra" is the musical group in which I participate as a drummer. Our group has a different proposal, merging traditional rhythms from the mountains of Peru with western rhythms such as rock. We have already been bringing music to different places in Peru for 2 years, including the department of Huancayo, being invited for the anniversary of the town of Palca, in Lima at the inauguration of the electric train, in the cultural center of the Huáscar Zonal Park and in the Municipality of Lima at the Fiesta en la Calle event. We have also collaborated with our participation in traditional festivals in the department of Apurímac held in Lima. Link of the musical group Sounds of my Earth: ".

Ysavo Morales
Ysavo Morales
Ysavo Morales
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Embracing was a tetralogy carried out in close collaboration with Hansel Sato, made up of Knowing , Knowing , Understanding , Learning , a project that put people from the multi-ethnic Sandleitenhof residential complex in the city of Vienna in contact with people from various districts of the multicultural city of Vienna. Lime. Started remotely in December 2013, it culminated in Vienna between May 17 and 31. He integrated mail art, interventions in public space, installation, exchange meetings and performance.


Embracing was part of the XIII SOHO in Ottakring Festival, held during May 2014 in the Sandleiten neighborhood, 16th district of the city of Vienna, Austria, under the curatorship of Ula Schneider and Hansel Sato.

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