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Performance, cycle (Performance, Respond, Incomprehensible, Hero, Myname, Kidnapping, Misfortune, Tell) since 2008.

Emilio Santisteban

Interdisciplinary performance artist

Performance "Performance" de Emilio Santisteban

Photo  © Ileana Diéguez

Photo  © Rocío Cárdenas

Performance "Performance" de Emilio Santisteban


Absent body performance.

Executed by plotting vinyl on walls.  The performance itself is constituted by the reverberation  of the question in mind,  relating it  with where it is and its history.


Fine Arts: A trajectory of images (1918-2018).  Germán Krüger Espantoso Gallery, 2018.

School of Art of the National University of San Marcos, July 1. 2016 - 26 Jan 2018.

Appropriation by relatives of the disappeared in Mexico,  UAM Cuajimalpa, July 5, 2016.

National School of Fine Arts, 2010—2012 / 2013—2014.
San Marcos Museum of Art, 2010—2012.

Faculty of Social Sciences PUCP, 2008.
faculty of
  PUCP Communications, 2008.
Faculty of Art PUCP, 2008.

Art school  Alternating Current, 2008.

"Perhaps this question is the residual trace from which to continue connecting the times and places of the bodies, the web of absences and presences that determine us, the fabric of duels never carried out. This is the pressing question that spreads throughout an extensive geography It was launched from Lima by the visual artist and performer Emilio Santisteban, but it is perhaps THE QUESTION from which to act and think about the place of art and performance, and in particular the place of the body, of life, for more than thirty years. years, and perhaps today more than ever. (...)  It installs the tension between the world of art and the world of life, between specialized action and ethical action, between indifference and pain. (...) The problem is not the insistence on performance art as body art, but on the meaning and repercussion of performance art whose support is the body in contexts where thousands of bodies have been violently disappeared and annihilated and where the possibility of duel has not existed. (...)  The question is not only intended to problematize the practice  performative radicalizing the implications of the body and the  subject in the performance of an act that cannot be raised from a formal dimension. Rather, it radically links the what  I do with my body to the reality of what  we do or  that  It happens with the body of the other, how much I care about the luck of the other, finally a mirror of the luck that my body can also run. (...)  The question about the place or the site of the bodies pierces any comfortable thought regarding the place of the body on some artistic platform. (...) What is imposed in these circumstances are the residual forms of the bodies, the allegorical emergence of our remains, because what happens with the body of others is also what can happen with my body, with yours, with everyone's. "

Diéguez, Ileana. (2016)  Bodies without Grief. Iconographies and theatricalities of pain. 342-347. Mexico: Autonomous University of Nuevo León.

Relatives of the disappeared in Mexico, presentation of testimonies, Critical Cartographers Seminar, UAM Cuajimalpa July 5, 2016,

Performance "Performance" de Emilio Santisteban
Performance "Performance" de Emilio Santisteban
Performance "Performance" de Emilio Santisteban

Photo  © Vladimir Ramos.

Photo  © Julio Huamán.

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