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Performance , performance cycle since 2008.

Arte de performance México Perú Latinoamérica, Secuestro Emilio Santisteban, Heterotopías, UAM.


Performance — laboratory Are you going to say it!  Colloquium Heterotopías, UAM, Mexico City , Maderos passage and Zócalo of the Historic Center,  twenty-one  October 2016. With insertion of the performance without the presence of the Hero body.

The participants try  to make the question intimately their own — Hero's exclamation. And what place will my body take among the disappeared! and they search deep inside for an answer that implies making a commitment. This is done in the Maderos passage and in the Zócalo (in  the Book Fair that takes place there), placing the self-adhesive note papers on which the question is written on the body and placing in various places in the public space. The interpretations and answers to the question by the participants, and the interpretations, answers, cross-questions, comments and slogans proposed by passersby are combined on rolls of paper arranged for this purpose on the floor.

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