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Performance , performance cycle since 2008.

Emilio Santisteban

Interdisciplinary performance artist

Arte de performance México Perú Latinoamérica, Secuestro Emilio Santisteban, Heterotopías, UAM.
Arte de performance, arte da performance, performance art, Lima Peru Sudamérica América do Sul South America.


Absent body performance. Insertable in participatory corporal actions.  


The question  "What place does a body art have in a country of disappeared bodies?" Issued in the first three works of the Performance pentalogy, it leads to a new question — exclamation, written on the inside of a bandage to cover the gaze: ¿¿ And what place will you take  body among the missing!

Heterotopías Colloquium, UAM, Mexico DF , Cultural Center of Spain, October 20, 2016. Contemporary Art Week of the Art School of the National University of San Marcos, Lima. Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences, November 9, 2016.

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