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On the performance of the absent body

The absent body performance is  a mode of performance art that abandons the corporeal and ephemeral tradition, already over-rhetorized in the dominant artistic sphere. In the performance of the absent body, performativity - the establishment of senses, orders and hierarchies beyond representation - arises without the presence or activity of the body, perlocuting through images, objects or processes in which the spectacular staging of the body strikes, which it becomes particularly performative - especially from a museum art and mediated as "corporal" - in contexts with recent stories of genocide, forced disappearance and exodus.

You can also read Micaela Radulescu's article dedicated to this notion :

RADULESCU, M. (2019). The absent body in Emilio Santisteban's performances. CROMA Magazine, Artistic Studies. Volume: 7, number 13. Lisbon: CIEBA.

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