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Non-sexual conjugal partnership  (performance Married Heterosexual Homogeneous Society), 2003

Emilio Santisteban

Interdisciplinary performance artist

Arte de performance, arte da performance, performance art, Lima Peru Sudamérica América do Sul South America.

Homogeneous Heterosexual Conjugal Society (2003) , interdisciplinary performance among the public, graphic artist Alexis García, interdisciplinary artist Emilio  Santisteban, and the lawyer Máximo Gallo.  

This  performance, member of the Non-Sexual Conjugal Society project, proposes  the hypothesis of a conjugal partnership to be established  by two heterosexual people of the same sex and the same gender identity.  


Non-Sexual Conjugal Society maintains the need for supranational legal regulations to oblige States to withdraw from their legislation any observance related to people's sexual life for the granting or limitation of rights.


The critical and radical example proposed is the absolute withdrawal of legal criteria of a sexual nature to grant or deny the right to establish a conjugal society .

Photos © Gisella Ramírez.

Video  © Romina Cruz.

The work differs from proposals regarding the legal authorization of sexually alternative conjugal societies, since it does not propose the admission of homosexual marriage, but rather the omission of the judgment on the sexual in the legal establishment of the right to establish a  society  conjugal.

The existing models of conjugal society assume public recognition of a confluent sexual orientation (between heterosexuals of different sex,  between homosexuals of the same sex); it  it implies,  as a last resort,  an unacceptable  accountability of the intimate sphere of people before the public sphere.


The proposal is presented as a contradiction seen from the cultural traditions of the world, as well as from the point of view of the proposals for the claim and recognition of minorities. However, it aims to radicalize the separation between the intimate sphere of people and normativity  for the acquisition  of rights  in the public sphere.

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