I have been doing performances and non-disciplinary art since 1990 with Desatorador ,  cyclical performance of intervention in public space, concluded in 2020. Since 2010 I have carried out Signal , daily performance for life in front of banks and ATMs, reaching 35,000 performances on October 23, 2021 in the presence of passersby, clients, workersand cameras surveillance of the financial system.

In 2008 I started the cycle  Performance , to date composed of six performances, four of them corresponding to what I call  absent body performance:  a mode of performance art in which performativity arises through processes in which the spectacular staging of the body strikes, which becomes particularly performative in contexts with recent histories of genocide, forced disappearance and exodus.

I have participated in festivals, biennials, meetings, colloquiums and exhibitions, carried out performances, interventions or contextual projects, and/or carried out curatorial and cultural management work in Peru, Cuba, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia, Brazil, United States , France, Austria, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Spain and Egypt.

Festivals, biennials, meetings and other exhibitions.

Cultivar Trilce, Willka T'ika Center for the Conservation of the Andean Natural and Cultural Heritage, 2022 - 2027.
International Collaborate Performance Art Festival, Cerrillos National Center for Contemporary Art, Santiago de Chile., November 2022.
Pallay pampa, Berlin Art Week (Sept. 15 - 19) / IFA-Galerie, Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen, Berlin, September 15, 2021 — January 2, 2022.

Deformed Performance Triennial, Chile, 2020; Oasis Paraíso, performance meeting. AMIL Project, curated by Gisselle Girón, re-performance Wrapped (after The Villacorta Action, A. Casari 2003) , Lima, 2020;
  Fine Arts: A Path of Images (1918-2018), Germán Krüger Espantoso Gallery. Peruvian North American Cultural Institute, Lima 2018; Peru: Camino al Bicentenario , Forum Gallery, Lima, 2017; Traces of Intersections: Citizens in Lima , an exhibition by the Ashlanqueras collective (participant in a performance event at the closing of the exhibition), Alliance Française Gallery in La Molina, Lima, 2017); Heterotopias Colloquium, Autonomous Metropolitan University, Mexico City, 2016; International Academy of Performing Arts of Bogotá: Expanded Dramaturgies, IV Experimenta/Sur, Bogotá, 2015; 9000 km Häppchen – wanderndes Wissen, Sandleitenhof, Vienna, 2015; XIII SOHO in Ottakring Festival, Vienna, invited artist in individual project, 2014; Über die Straße sind wir gekommen, Kunstraum Suburbia, Linz, 2014; Common Place. International performance meeting, La Karakola, Quito, 2014. ECUA UIO 2. International Festival of Visual Arts, Quito, 2013; Amerikan Kinetics, Galerie Capital Gold, Mannheim, 2011; Contemporary Art Collection of the San Marcos Museum of Art (curated by Juan Peralta), Cultural Center of the National University of San Marcos, Lima, 2011; Performance Festival Experiences of Meat I, Elgalpón, Lima, 2011; Amerikan Kinetics, Galerie Capital Gold, Dusseldorf, 2010; Actualitas Kunst Vor Ort  Machtwelten Festival , H B K Braunschweig,  2010; MOLA I Performance Festival, Salvador de Bahia, 2010; Linha Luíquida, Memorial Museum of Latin America, Sao Paulo, 2009; Perspectives on Peruvian art-action of the 21st century: Actionism in Peru 2000-2005, ICPNA, Lima, 2008; IV Tijuana International Biennial, 2006; Actionism in Peru 1965 –2000 CPNA, Lima, 2005; First ICPNA Action Art Festival, Lima, 2005; KM0 Urbano, Triangle Artist Trust UK, Santa Cruz, 2005; VIII International Biennial of Havana, 2003. III International Mercosur Biennial, Porto Alegre, 2001. VII International Biennial of Cairo, 1998. I Ibero-American Biennial of Lima, individual, 1997. XXVIII International Festival of Cagnes-Sur-Mer, 1996. I Festival of New Trends, Museum of the Nation, Lima, 1994; XXXV Anniversary, Lima Art Museum, 1994; IV International Biennial of Cuenca, 1994.



Performance Barrer, El Ojo Ajeno Gallery, Image Center, Lima, 2007; Nano Gallery, Cusco, 2005; I Ibero-American Biennial of Lima, 1997; Cháves de La Rosa Cultural Center, Arequipa, 1997; Extramural Cultural Center, Lima, 1996; Paraphernalia Gallery, Lima, 1994; Luis Miró Quesada Garland Room, Lima, 1993.


Curatorship, cultural management, juries

Member of the Third Independent Committee for the Evaluation of economic support "Rethinking the supply of goods, services and cultural activities to the context generated by the declaration of the State of Sanitary Emergency" of the Ministry of Culture of Peru 2020; Member of the Jury of the Visual Arts Production Project Contest 2019 of the Ministry of Culture of Peru; member of the jury of the Trujillo National Prize for Visual Arts 2018; Curation and selection of artistic projects from the 2018 annual program at the Santo Domingo Qorikancha Museum, Cusco; member of the Curatorial Body of Mostra Osso Latino-Americana de Performance MOLA III 2015, Lençois (Brazil); Director of the streaming section and curator for the face-to-face section at the IV Deformes de Performance International Biennial 2012, Santiago and Valdivia (Chile); co-curator and co-manager in the Euro Latin Performance Tour of Epicentro Cusco & Flux I bel structures Berlin, held at Freies Museum Berlin, Kunsthalle Faust Hannover, Kunstraum Walcheturm Zurich, Kasko Bassel, 2010; curator of Blue Pieces, a solo show by Jerry B Martin and the inaugural show at Galería Revolver, Lima 2008; visual curator (analytical-critical-intuitive electrographic processing) of works by artists Alex Ángeles, Walter Carbonell, Mónica Gonzáles Raaijen, Trudy Macha, Jerry B Martin/Fidel Barandiarán, Juan Osorio and Sergio Urday at Imagen—Idea , Sala Belisario Suárez, Municipality of Miraflores, Lima 2003; Co-curator of Designe-moi un mouton , L'imaginaire, French Alliance of Miraflores, Lima, 2000.

Artistic Director at  Blind Date  2009 International Performance Meeting, Cusco (Peru); Founder and Secretary General of  Epicenter Cusco, Art, Science, Society , Cusco 2005-2010; Head of Management and Production at the Art Museum of the National University of San Marcos, 2004; and member of the Artistic Committee and of the juries of the regional halls in the Ibero-American Biennial and National Biennial of Lima, 2000 to 2002; Emergency, Artistic Association of Journalists of Lima, exhibition parallel to the II Ibero-American Biennial of Lima (management), 1999.


academic activity

teacher in  the Image Center of Lima,  in the Faculty of Art and Design PUCP and in the Escuela Superior de Arte Corriente Alterna.

Presentations: Escuela Superior de Arte Corriente Alterna, presentation of personal work 1990-2019: Intervening body: citizenship and public sphere. Staged body: law and recognition. Absent body: recognition and concern, Lima, 5/2019. Sala Luis Miró Quesada Garland, discussion of the exhibition All future time was always better, by Wilma Ehni, paper: Contemporaneity and performance: two assumptions and four concepts, Lima, 2/2018. Faculty of Art and Design PUCP, Grupo Arte y Estética, Interdisciplinary Dialogues on Contemporary Art: Contemporary Art and Performance, Lima, 6/2017. Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, Marina Grzinic's Post-conceptual Art course, speaker: Action or activity? Performance or pastiche?, 5/2014. Depot Kunst und Diskussion, speaker: Embracing Sandleitenhof, art in public space, Vienna, 5/2014. Cultural Center of the Universidad del Pacífico, Cycle Looks at performative art, El Galpón Espacio, speaker: The action of the performance (not the activity of the pérformans), 3/2014. Institute of Political Science of the University of Vienna and the Austrian Institute for Latin America, Interdisciplinary Master's Degree in Latin American Studies, speaker: Performance and politics: The Civil Society Collective, 6/2013. Metropolitan Cultural Center of Quito. Speaker: Cultural intervention, pérformans and performance, 3/2013. Days of Thought and Debate: Art, Citizenship and Public Space, Fine Arts Cultural Center, speaker: Being on the street or intervening in public space!, Lima, 6/2011. Memorial Museum of Latin America, Sao Paulo, speaker: Liquid Performance Workshop, 9/2009.



Flora Tristán Award (Civil Society Collective).

Masks Award (CSC).

CCC National Art Award.

2V'S National Painting Award.

Insurance Atlas Fine Arts Painting Prize.

Gold Medal of the Fine Arts Painting Specialty



Graduated in Plastic Arts from the National Superior Autonomous School of Fine Arts of Peru. Completed studies for a Master's Degree in Educational Management from the Antonio Ruiz de Montoya University.

Emilio Santisteban , interdisciplinary performance artist. Peru. m.me/emiliosantistebanartista emilio@emiliosantisteban.org  Contact us .

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