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Collective Civil Society(Lima, April 9, 2000 - August 17, 2001, made up of more than forty people of various identities, origins, political tendencies, and professions).



Symbolic wake and burial of the ONPE(Walk of the Heroes before the main doorway of the Palace of Justice of Peru, April 12 to 13, 2000).
Change! no cumbia! Let them not dance to us anymore!“chicha” style poster posted all over Lima (May 2000).
wash the flag(May 20 to November 24, 2000 / July 28, 2001).
resistance minute, radio spot for El Minuto de La Resistencia, action of the conglomerate of collectives of the same name (June 2000).
Join the four of yours, radio spot for the March of the Four Theirs, promoted by the conglomerate of collectives La Resistencia (June 2000).
President Absalom!, sunrise on the Vía Expresa de Lima with signs “¡Absalón Presidente!” (no documented date, between June and July 2000).
wash the mourning flag, after the murder, at the hands of the Dictatorship, of several civilians during the March of the Four Theirs (August 4, 2000).

Human chain of flags in the SIN,on the front and sides of the National Intelligence Service (September 19, 2000).
put the trash in the trash(September 27 to November 16, 2000)
Stop impunity!, corners surrounding the Dialogue Table of the Organization of American States (October 27, 2000).
Flagging of the Humala house(October 30, 2000)
Marquez is Montesinos! Paniagua Transitory President!, house of Ricardo Márquez, dictatorial vice president (November 19, 2000).
See to vote, billboards and blindfold marches (January 26 to February 28, 2001).
Palace banner(January 29, 2001).
Sew the flag Truth Commission now!, Plaza Mayor of Lima (May 25, 2001)
mistress, postcards sent to the main members of the powers of the State, the press and civil society (on August 17, 2001).

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