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Performance , performance cycle since 2008.

Emilio Santisteban

Interdisciplinary performance artist

Arte de performance, arte da performance, performance art, Lima Peru Sudamérica América do Sul South America.

Photos © Patricia Cirian. Yamine elhorba


Participatory action performance.  Created in Barranco at the 2008 Backpackers Performance Meeting (curated by Guillermo Castrillón). On May 23, 2012, 35 students of the Art With City course (Faculty of Architecture PUCP) from  Patricia Ciriani performed it again at the Tontódromo of the PUCP university campus. On March 30, 2013, it was held at the Quito Metropolitan Cultural Center, Ecua UIO 2 Festival.


PUCP 2012 execution:

Standing  blindfolded in the Tontódromo (central promenade), in front of the PUCP bookstore and the cafeteria, at the crossroads that leads to the main entrance to the university.  When bandaging people, he whispered in their ears: "Eyes closed: stay that way until something happens."  After about an hour, when they take off the bandages, they discover that "inside", on the back of the bandages, they kept the question  "What place has a body art in a country of missing bodies?


Performance Meeting, Backpackers, 2008.

Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, 2012.

Ecua UIO2 Festival, Quito, 2013.

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